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A great experience, a unique working method always at the customer's side, allows to obtain great results in terms of consultancy

Long-time experience

Sergio Alberti has been operating in the real estate sector in Italy and abroad for 35 years, specializing in Dubai's real estate and becoming a point of reference

Specialized team

Marketing, research and selection of properties and the organization of events are followed by a dynamic and professional work team, supported by the great experience of Sergio Alberti

Investment opportunity

A large selection of the best opportunities in Dubai as well as a basket of luxury real-estate proposals in Italy


The real estate investment in Dubai is extremely interesting! Reason why investors from all over the world decide to buy real estate in Dubai.

Dubai, in addition to being an undisputed world financial center, a global hub for air transport, communications and transit, is undoubtedly the capital of the Arab world. The most famous world archistars have designed and will design in Dubai: Renzo Piano, Santiago Calatrava, Alvaro Siza, Massimiliano Fuksas, Norman Foster, Zaha Hadid, Frank O. Gray, David Chipperfield ...

But the most interesting peculiarity, in addition to property prices and very competitive returns, is the great security of Dubai which implies a peaceful lifestyle among residents that is difficult to find in other countries in the world. 


Sergio Alberti, Founder

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Investire con Platinum Square Italia a Dubai è garanzia di sicurezza e stabilità.

  • We assist the investor with "taylored made" advice
  • Study of the profile of the investor
  • What do you want from the investment? Annuity or Trading?
  • Assistance in every detail of the operation, both legal and fiscal
  • After sales assistance
  • Rental management
  • Financial assistance

Siamo BROKER Advisor for DAMAC properties.

Grazie ad uno staff altamente qualificato, dalla sede di Bassano del Grappa coordiniamo le diverse attività di marketing e di promozione. Siamo broker ufficiali DAMAC Properties una delle più importanti società di Real estate operanti in Dubai

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Scegli la tua Consulenza privata con Sergio Alberti, pioniere del mercato immobiliare luxury in Italia e a Dubai! Tre consulenze personalizzate per ogni esigenza e una “esperienza/consulenza” incredibile da vivere direttamente a Dubai con Sergio Alberti.
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    Touch the sky in Dubai

    Dubai Marina is a rich residential neighborhood known for The Beach at JBR, a recreational complex with outdoor restaurants and sandy stretches for relaxing. Elegant cafes and lively craft markets line the Dubai Marina Walk. Luxury yachts sail in the large artificial marina, where you can practice activities such as water skiing and parachuting.



      Sergio Alberti. A glorious youthful past in Juventus followed by a career in the world of Real estate as a real estate agent. Member of the FIAP national council for several years, with the real estate crisis of the 2000s changing. He creates a new approach to the market where consultancy comes before selling, where transparency and knowledge are placed before traditional economic logics, where business is for and for the customer. For all this, we put our faces and make social the cornerstone of the diffusion of the new and original way of working


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